Practice Background


JOHNSTON architecture & design is a multinational practice focused on the design and construction of new residential and mixed-use buildings in London.


We provide a bespoke design service to all our clients focusing closely on their desires and aspirations in order to deliver building solutions of the highest calibre whilst responding to the site, context and the inherent design development opportunities of every project.


The underlying themes of much of our work include a respect for the historic context of a site or building, a lateral approach to contemporary design, the creation of a sense of place and identity through our architecture; the weaving and stitching of the urban fabric of the city together in ways that embrace its multi faceted cultural identity. Our architecture offers creative solutions that are both fit for purpose and environmentally sustainable.


We have a breadth of experience that extends through residential and mixed-use commercial projects to public buildings, social housing and ecclesiastical work. Our building designs are based primarily providing solutions that are well designed, cost effective and support the needs of the end users. Our repertoire continues to expand creative solutions building function, environmental and sustainability requirements, changing market conditions and


We spend much of our time fine-tuning our designs especially in the critical, early stages of design development, capitalising on the potential of a site in terms of its inherent design opportunities. We maintain the design spirit, detail and integrity of a project throughout the development process from design through detailing and construction. We are passionate about our work and the resulting buildings.


We work closely with our clients to produce developments that make a real and lasting contribution to the urban and architectural fabric of the city. We have developed longstanding relationships with many of our clients. Many ask us to work sequentially or in tandem on multiple projects.


We have developed a reputation as a practice that continues to add significant design and development value to the projects we handle. Our particular skills in working closely with urban design, planning, and conservation officers have been a primary source of our success as a practice.